Kapiti Neighbourhood Support 

Kapiti Neighbourhood Support works to connect you to a safer community. 

The common purpose of Neighbourhood Support groups throughout New Zealand is to create safe and caring neighbourhoods and communities, reducing the incidences and effects of criminal offending, building community resilience and strengthening community networks to improve the quality of life and enhance wellbeing.

Kapiti has over 150 Neighbourhood Support groups from Peka Peka to Paekakariki. Each group represents a group of households with an appointed street contact for the group. The group contact links with the Kapiti Neighbourhood Support Coordinator for Neighbourhood Support resources, local information and help to meet the needs of the group.

No Kapiti Neighbourhood Support group is the same - as it depends on the individuals in the group. Some groups have regular get togethers, some have annual drinks, others share email contacts lists. The main aim is to know your Neighbours so that your group is better placed to respond to the crime, emergencies and local community issues.  It is about neighbours looking out for each other.

The base for Kapiti Neighbourhood Support is at the Community Kiosk at Paraparaumu Beach. The Kiosk is open most Mondays and Wednesdays 10-2pm.


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